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LS Fire

"The First Line of Defense"


We provide a wide range of products to suit a variety of technical requirements, budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or email us via the 'Contacts Us'page for more information on products, current promotions and customisable options.

Vigilon Panel

Addressable Fire Panel for systems requiring 1-6 Loops and utilising S-Quad intelligent automatic devices for the really bespoke intelligent fire protection system.

S-Quad Automatic devices

These devices are used on the Vigilon or Nano Control Panels. They come in various different types; smoke detectors, manual call points and Interfaces.

Computer Graphics System

These type of end user products aid the client to see in a display where and how their fire system is operating. Giving them them full computerised function to the fire system.

MX-4000 Fire Panel

Addressable Fire System

ZX5se Fire panel

Addressable Fire System

Multisensor smoke detector

These devices are the latest in fire detection industry; their unique design combines the various types of requirement to detecting a potential fire. Different settings programmed into the device make it less likely to suffer false alarms.

Aspirating Fire System

Vesda - Very early smoke detection, these utilise a pipe instead of point detection to detect the fire. They are ideal where normal smoke detection type devices cannot be installed. They are commonly used in addition to conventional detection, but are widely used where inaccessable situations are present.

Extinguishant control panel

For Gaseous fire systems protecting computer suites and data centres within the complex or building, these can be interfaced in the main building system. These systems use various gases like Inergen or FM200 to extinguish the fire.